Out Of The Dark

by Reactions

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released August 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Annoy and Destroy Melbourne, Australia

Annoy and Destroy is a small label based out of Melbourne Australia with a focus on Hardcore and Stupidity.

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Track Name: Reactions - Introduction
You never said you would react

I’m scared of the fucking world

This isn't something to expect

Scared of the fucking world
Track Name: Reactions - RIP
You won’t see me, on my knees before death

I know he’s coming, but I ain't ready yet

We live in phases, of acceptance

We know he’s coming, but we ain't ready yet

But this is something that we can’t control

Just like I feel so hopeless, and the emptiness inside my soul

And now I don’t know how this happened to me

Someone has turned the lights out, I cannot fucking see

To many times I've seen this FADE TO BLACK

This pain will never end, these wounds will never mend

So what’s left of you just a SKULL AND BONES

To many times I've seen this FADE TO BLACK

Gotta get away, this life is bigger than me

So what’s left of you just a SKULL AND BONES

He was never there, he never fucking cared

Now you get so fucking sick, that you can’t live your life feeling close to alive

Forcing families to be so strong as we prolong the life of someone who’s already gone

Sacrifice the life of your loved one, to feel some inner peace, to put your mind at ease

I must be colour-blind it’s so BLACK AND WHITE

Why don’t we pull the plug, even though we know it’s right, why don’t we end this fight

Why did you have to die, why do I have to die, just trying to figure out what’s going on inside my mind, cause on the inside I’m fucking blind.
Track Name: Reactions - Sacrifice
When your dealing with loss not even karma can save you

No sign of a brave face, not even if they payed you

And now you’re so dead inside, but in reality, you’re just happy to be alive

But we gotta make, that sacrifice

THIS LIFE just like a roll of the dice

Sacrifice is your only vice

But if we keep living, like we’re gonna survive, then the truth sets in, hurts inside

Never knew I could be so blind but I, I,

Got my feet onto solid ground, reminded how quickly the curtains are closed

Six feet under all covered in dirt, now the weight of the world has been exposed


So much you missed while you were under the ice

You were taken from me, broken promises are all I see

So much you missed while you were under the ice, sacrifice is your only vice now

Breathe new life, to your sacrificial ways,

Cut all ties, breathe the sin you just let in
Track Name: Reactions - No loose Ends
Why do we live such naive lives, where the truth of our youth has escaped our eyes

SEARCHING for something to escape these chains, but the proofs in the youth we’re the ones to blame

It all came crashing down and now there’s no one around to even lend a hand

No respect for those who fell to the ground, don’t want to hear a sound about their failed plans

With a cold heart in his system, he sits and he waits for his fallen victim

He doesn't know a life of easy trust, he’s just speaking in tongues he says, “It’s them or us”

FORCED into this from an early age, now he’s living his life stuck in his cage

HELD DOWN, we could all use our voices, but like it or not we never had any choices, no
Track Name: Reactions - Perseverance
Feeding the corporate machine, we’re feeding it each and every day

While we’re living our lives in the eyes of judgement

Forced into circumstances, beyond our control

I was living an unreal life and I had nothing, because I sold my soul

I take my life in careful steps, make sure the path that I chose, doesn't lead me nowhere

I will travel down these dead end paths, before I become something I shouldn't

Forced into reality, becoming everything that I hated

I will travel down these dead end paths before I become, something that I shouldn't be

Now I don’t ever want to be like you, I just want to believe that I can be me

I was losing so much fucking sleep, but now I've turned the page and I’m finally free

So what’s the point of trying to be you, when all I know is me

It’s time we turn around and look at the truth, you’re all running away

Well fuck you, you will see
Track Name: Reactions - Out Of The Dark
Why is there no choice, why is there no voice, why do we all end the fucking same

Constantly force fed with disappointments, living life knowing what’s to come

And when it comes and your time is up, you’ll know, you’ll feel this endless pain

Live each and every day, like it’s your fucking last

Always looking into the future, and never the fucking past

When you got no pulse, not even anything close

We gotta live now, we gotta get out of the dark somehow

You gotta get out

Live each and every day, like it’s your fucking last

Always looking into the future, and never the fucking past

We all live to die someday, that doesn't mean we can’t live now

It doesn't have to end this way, gotta get out of the dark somehow

And now I can’t find a reason not to hate, I will sit back and watch you suffocate

And when I find that reason, not to hate, I still watch you suffocate, cause you’re to fucking late, suffocate

I AM LOST, this is the end of my days unless I set sail