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released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Annoy and Destroy Melbourne, Australia

Annoy and Destroy is a small label based out of Melbourne Australia with a focus on Hardcore and Stupidity.

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Track Name: Lungs
everytime that cigarette touched your lips was like the poison from the devils kiss and everytime it reminds me of the good man that you used to be. and i know i shouldnt say its wrong but its hard for me when when your breath stinks of death and you're rotting at the teeth.
and if i ever have a son i hope he heeds my words. for nothings more uncertain than the futures fucking blur. now im fearful of the future im fearful of the past of the past. cause times been haunting me now. eacha nd every day and though i seem happy in the end it always rains.
I guess what im trying to say, its hard to watch a loved one slowly fade away
with every breath you take brings death closer this way
Track Name: All Life Is Lost
today is a new day and im trying to keep myself awake. i know with money it would be okay. and i know that im no rich man. but im contempt to stay the way i am see ive always been a failure. i used to aspire to be something.
now i feel less sick
now i feel less safe
i used to take losing badly but now i know that my whole life is one lost game. i was born to be a loser to let the winners have their way. it was the same in high school as it is the present the day
i cant control this
Track Name: WitchHouse
on my loneliest day on this earth not a single voice could be heard.
the saddest landscape ive seen is the one that had no trees. everyday i spend on earth is another day that someones hurt. in my dreams im pulling out teeth, asking things i shouldnt be. laughing at jokes no ones heard, crying through all these lost words. now not a single voice could be heard, not a single voice. over the top of my own, i cant be the better man this time.
how much hate can one heart harbour? i close my eyes and catch a glimpse of the sun.
Track Name: Passage
i was born in the middle of the see, i guess by this song youre sick of hearing about me. well too bad this songs for complaining now what im saying is im aiming for this shit to sound lame. im a boring ass white kid i live my life by a grid be good to others and dont expect shit. because if you do then you'll be dissapointed. if you want more out of life you might as well quit. not that i dont like you, yeah i think youre great. i guess ive grown complacent in the wait for change and the things i know. i listen in and hear the world let out a groan. a hot rush of air that rattles the bones.
im just another kid who knows lifes no fair a stupid little runt who used to burn his own hair. but ive already waited too long and all of my hope is gone. so i put pen to paper and wrote another bullshit song.
then everything starts to go wrong.
then everything goes wrong.
Track Name: Slumlord
Anxiety demands, I let my insides show. Desperation friendship, I keep inhibitions low. Love me for who I am, not for the liquors glow. I’m no revolution man, I don’t expect you to follow.
Belittle me down. Watch your ego grow.
And now it’s gotten to the point, where I can’t take this any more. I can’t leave this room without it assaulting my face. I can’t move, I can’t see I can’t even fucking breath knowing how much control it needs. Like a parasitic curse roaming these streets. The drunkards, the night life, they don’t let me sleep. So go and have another drink, here’s to a world still learning how to think.
Track Name: Starting to See
im 21 years old but i still feel so young but the burden of living wont let me be anyone. get a job. goto school. pay for rent. pay for food. im a simple man, no intellectual.
growing up in school my teacher said 'you can be whatever you want to be'. little did she know i can barely afford to eat. underneath this skin i am miserable on the surface faux-care-free.
now im 23 im finally starting to see everybody's miserable, miserable like me.
Track Name: Twelve
common sky, common trees, im a common man with commn feelings. born to my mothger born to my father im common just like the others. nothing special nothing different how wasteful my lifes been fucking spent. jobless broke i am the common folk.
so mutilate me or segregate me. at least do something to shake these feelings. so shake me
recently its dawned upon me, these dangerous thoughts are all to appealing
no red i s my colour i see red
bleak is my outlook i feel drea
broke are my spirits from what youve said
black are my feelings i feel dead
my thoughts yearn for a better place. my dreams are growing at a break neck pace. i know i said i had none but what ive said has been wrong.
now its frustrating, excruciating. but so exciting. so excite me.
reckless, how reckless these thoughts become what would you do to be known as no ordinary son. apathetic so apathetic too tired to care cant even say that life's no fair.
theres nothing special about me and im accepting now that there never will be.
you say how precious life is, someone else can take my place here i dont think anyone could even care
i dont think anyone could even notice.