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released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Annoy and Destroy Melbourne, Australia

Annoy and Destroy is a small label based out of Melbourne Australia with a focus on Hardcore and Stupidity.

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Track Name: Naah Bo
it’s like walking down a tunnel with no way out so i stare at the wall and shut everyone out my vision caves in my mind grows dark this sinking feeling enters my heart and my existence feels futile like no matter how much good i do it will all mean nothing i feel constantly out of touch i don’t know about beginnings or know of the end i’m stuck in the world thats in my head most people perceive me on who i used to be but they have no idea of what this life is for me and though i smile and keep my composure my eyes are distant and search for a way out in social situations i find it harder to relate i don’t think i’ll reach my potential today i don't think i’ll get out of bed today because i’m just so numb and don’t know how to feel sometimes i don't know if this world is real
Track Name: Busy Divisions
price tags barcodes transactions car crash colour spectrum world crashes world carries on upper class marble walls lower class concrete floors separated by a foot of wall and a screen full of numbers the distance is to great to bother knowing anyone and besides where is the profit in learning about who you are keep your eyes to the ground keep your place in the world and don't you dare think about moving up in this town lets stay comfortable lets stay invisible eat sleep forget fuck breed that's all there is for me nine to five repeat then die repeatx
Track Name: Cool Kids
got all the right phrases and the perfect things to say talk behind your hands stab words into my spine yet to my face you pull that wry smile your a slave to marketing it tells you what to think innocence to ignorance your at the centre of your own self centred world selling everything short to get ahead in line so slip on back inside your shell cut yourself off from everybody else i can't keep up with you and your incessant trends modern culture leaves me confused troubled and fucked up now as soon as i get close to someone they change or move away its happened to me from such an early age now subconsciously i don't let anyone in i also can't get off to sleep when there is no one in the pre sleep trembles send snakes into my brain i find it hard to get out of my bed some days in conversation i find i have nothing to contribute that's when i realize i'm nothing like you i don't want to fit in if fitting in is what you are i don't want to fit in anymore
Track Name: The World Is Fucked and So Are You
we don't care about anything we don't care about anyone but ourselves we do not listen all we do is wish death on one another we sold the third world short well sell our children short like our parents did and for all i've done i'm sorry
Track Name: Empty Faith
don't give me some half glass weak ass metaphor or some shaky voice hands in the air approval don't give me those judgement eyes because i don't live the way you do or think the way you do don't give me that fake revolutionary hands off hands clean hand outs not hand up bullshit give me reality because i don't live in a perfect daydream give me truth love culture not empty faith or blind religion give me something i can take for my own and grow as my own person
Track Name: Everybody Hates Chris
everything changed in three short years i don't feel accepted anywhere sick to my stomach teeth clamped shut head down glazed eyes i need to get out wasting away i'm fucking terrified i just want to explode anything to get away for a moment i just need to get out of my body and out of my life fingernails dug deep to hold in whats inside different faces and different places will never shake this weight or burn this cross down its the feeling of futility and hollowness that make me feel homeless regardless of my location its what explains my actions and my morality even though it doesn't excuse them i'm deeply sorry for the hurt i have caused in my life and as much as i might be hated it will never be matched with how much i've hated myself
Track Name: Consume
swallow the lies while everyone murders everything that gives us value everything that we could actually have built on the backs of the third world we the developed have re-developed slavery and we are owned we are blind we may as well be dead because we have become nothing we sold our humanity short for some cheap clothes and shit food and maybe a little self esteem whats left? only piles of things hoarded in rooms only wastelands of grey and rubble only tired eyes and drunken gaze only wasting time til the end of days i am no greater than the least nor am i less than the most there is nothing above me there is nothing below me swallow the lies there is nothing left