by Mindshank

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released August 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Annoy and Destroy Melbourne, Australia

Annoy and Destroy is a small label based out of Melbourne Australia with a focus on Hardcore and Stupidity.

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Track Name: Chained
I can't control myself
I hear it in my head
Trying to choke it out
I am my only friend

Hypocrite, contradict, I'm just another piece of shit

How do you put up with it when all I do is sink these ships?
My neck is tight, feeling white, hanging on for my life

How can I be so cold? Through my life I've always been told "Look on the bright side" - All I can do is hide

This is me on my knees, screaming, screaming "set me free"
So set me free

My neck is tight and I'm feeling white
And I'm hanging on

Track Name: Lowlife
All the scum I used to hate are now wasted away
Stuck at home, smokin' blunts
Desperate for that cenno pay
No aspiration, no goal in sight, just teenage thoughts of mindless drinking every night

Whoring out on facebook saying "lifts for cash?"
Then talk the talk, dreams of piling up the cash
You got no hope, and I don't care
I'll be laughing in your face when you're pulling out your hair

That's what you get when you mess with your head
Convince yourself the only matter is your reputation in the end
That's what you get

Raising hell, causing havok
Just having fun, on the prowl for the weak
Fight, rob or fuck anyone

A disappointment, been spoilt and now you're pissed you're cut off
Don't try to vent on the public
You can just fuck off